Ido Cohen, Ph.D. Student,

Department of electrical engineering, Technion, Israel

(Signal modeling Prof. Guy Gilboa, Vision & Sensing Lab)

email: idoc at campus dot technion dot ac dot il

tel: +97248295743


Research Interests

My main interest is to find relations between nonlinear and linear systems. And how to generalize the knowledge on linear systems to nonlinear systems. This is highly related to the latent structures or variables in data science, which have been lately increasing interest in research. This technique is rooted in different disciplines and applications. For example, dimensionality reduction in fluid dynamics or feedback linearization in control systems are the basis of the design and analysis in these fields. Despite this diversity, these methods are closely akin.

Control and guidance system for autonomous aircraft in dogfight

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Nonlinear Eigenpair Problem Solver Based on Energy Dissipating

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Introducing the p-Laplacian Spectra

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Stable Explicit p-Laplacian Flows Based on Nonlinear Eigenvalue Analysis

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